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VI Meir Barak

                                        Meir Barak


              A New Approach to Stock Trading

                Senior Editors & Producers: Contento de Semrik

                           Translator: Seree Cohen Zohar
                              Editor: Melanie Rosenberg
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                             Photographer: Peleg Alkalai

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Please Note: The information presented in this book is for learning purposes only. None of the content
is to be seen as recommendations to be followed precisely, but as general concepts intended to expand
your knowledge and personal abilities. The author is not responsible for any direct and/or indirect
damage that may be caused as a result of any topic detailed in this book. None of the information in
this book is to be seen as an investment recommendation or as an alternative to individually adapted
consultancy. Meir Barak does not offer investment or profile consultancy, and may hold or activate
stocks mentioned in this book. In any event, it is recommended you contact a legal, financial, or
professional qualified consultant. Stock trading is not suited to everyone, and is considered a tough
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