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            THE AUTHOR

Meir Barak is a professional trader and CEO of Tradenet, an internationally
renowned trading schoolwhich he established in 2004. Before
Tradenet, Meir was an entrepreneur for several startups in the fields of
communication and Internet. Deciding to become an independent trader,
he left the hi-tech world in 2003. Tradenet is one of the largest trader
training schools in the world, with branches in many countries. Its rich
instruction experience has been utilized by more than 30,000 students.
Meir Barak is a well-known financial correspondent and market analyst
who is a frequent television guest expert. Meir is also a much sought-after
lecturer in his field of trading and self-empowerment.

   Meir is married and has three daughters. He divides his time between
independent trading from his home base and lecturing internationally.

Why do I trade stocks only in the short term?

I firmly believe that the person able to foresee exact market movements
has yet to be born. Envisioning the future of a market is much like driving
in a fog which appears quite thick from a distance, but can be fairly thin
closer up. The stock exchange is much the same: the shorter we set our
range, the more successful we’re likely to be.

Why do most people fail?

Ninety percent of stock investors fail. That’s a fact. Is that a reason to
distance yourself from the stock market?
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