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IV Meir Barak

That’s precisely why you need to aspire to be better than most. A person
who has determination backed up by knowledge and self-control will
succeed where so many others have failed. The ball is in your hands. Don’t
let statistics defeat you. If you’re not prepared to take the risk, you’ll get

What will you learn from this book?

You will learn the fundamental principles of the stock exchange, how to
choose a broker, technical analysis, trade strategy, market reversal points,
money management, psychological conduct, correct use of a trading
platform, risk management, and self-empowerment methods. Having
qualified thousands of traders, I know exactly what tools you’ll need for
success in the market. This is a professional book with a clear focus, based
on practical experience accrued over many years of trading.

Join the path to success. Change your future!
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